Why Hire an Independent Educational Consultant?

There are many reasons to have an empowering coach on your side while going through the college admissions process. The following list provides just some of the many reasons you may benefit from Holly's support.

Holly can:

  1. Provide a personal and academic growth experience for students that allows them to work on becoming an independent adult and owning the process of applying to school. By allowing the student to complete the process themselves, s/he will be taking a clear step towards independence and create a strong sense of pride.
  2. Supplement the Guidance Counselors’ support: Research shows that students (on the subject of college admissions) get approximately 15 minutes of face time with their high school guidance counselor. Despite the NACAC’s recommendation that there be 250 students per counselor, the national average is closer to 450 students/counselor. While the careful watch of a guidance counselor is very important, there can be a benefit to hiring an IEC to provide more individualized support to the student and family on the subject of college admissions.
  3. Streamline and de-mystify the search and application process: In providing resources and guidance with time management, Holly helps families save time and avoid errors. This is a busy time for students, and having expert support is invaluable.
  4. Be a stabilizing force in the application process. The final year at home can be stressful on many levels, and procrastination can run rampant for all sorts of reasons. Holly provides a strong foundation of knowledge which provides direction and support based on the student’s interests and strengths, thereby increasing feelings of security in the process.
  5. Provide individual attention which supports students with Holly's knowledge of the process as well as the time it takes to explore all options.
  6. Evaluate students by administering inventories which demonstrate students’ strengths and weaknesses, educational objectives, and interests.
  7. Provide reassurance to reduce stress and anxiety with information, guidance, and encouragement.
  8. Assume the role of project manager so that parents can enjoy their time with their teen rather than nag them to complete materials. In hiring Holly, parents also provide a more objective person to participate in the process which again, may help alleviate stress.
  9. Create a bond with a student that supports them in their final year at home. Holly helps come up with a best fit school for the student by focusing on the learner’s needs, strengths, and interests. She takes interest in getting to know the student and applying her knowledge to help them find a college to attend that will encourage them to thrive.
  10. Be available to parents and students when they need support and guidance by responding promptly to emails, texts, and phone calls.


Empower yourself.