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Holly’s caring, intuitive and skilled work with students and their families provides a carefully considered approach to college application and admissions. She works with you to discover priorities in your college (and life!) journey, while gently coaching you through the process of finding a group of best-fit colleges, applying to schools, applying for financial aid, and making a final decision. Holly believes that teaching the reflective self-advocacy and time management skills required for the college admissions process truly provides an empowering experience for the student, thereby helping young adults take the first steps into the adult world.  Below please find some supportive websites to help you with this important journey.

Admissions Testing

Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources

  • FAFSA-Financial Aid Application - Free online information and application for Federal Student Aid
  • CSS Profile – Application for non-federal financial aid
  • Fast Web - “Access over 1.5 million scholarships to help you pay for college”
  • FinAid - “This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools -- on or off the web.”
  • College Net - College search service and scholarship database.
  • Net Price Calculator – NPCs can be hard to find on college websites. US News has put together a list of NPCs from 300 of the top colleges in the US.
  • Financial Aid Needs Estimator - Free service to help families estimate costs to match with financial need.


Other Resources