Looking for comprehensive support?

With a warm and careful approach, Holly Hopla, M. Ed. fully guides you and your family through the admissions process by providing resources and coaching, while also engaging you in developing and understanding your goals. Holly prides herself in her more than two decades of work with students and families; she is truly there for you, empowering you with life-skills that you will take with you beyond college admissions, and helping you own the security of commanding your future.


Entering Freshmen

As a freshman in high school, the college experience may seem very distant, but it is never too early to start the gentle encouragement and planning that can make the process a highly empowering experience. By starting early, students and families have the benefit of a head-start, and all parties have a chance to use additional advising to mutual benefit. Students will develop a strong sense of academic and personal identity as they move through the process of high school. Working with Holly will help them build self-esteem surrounding making excellent independent choices, which helps create a sense of balance in the journey of high school. Parents will benefit knowing that they have an expert to stand by their side as their child emerges into young adulthood, alleviating some of the stress and uncertainty of this time in life. Holly benefits greatly from the longevity of this package: she is truly able to get to know student and family so that she can personalize and fine-tune excellent college recommendations, applications, and personal statements. The Encourage package leads the student and family on a steady journey of self-exploration and planning that ultimately concludes with the college application process.


Entering Sophomores

Starting as sophomores, students and families have the empowering advantage of expanding every possibility in high school to create an ideal outcome. By leveraging the first year of high school’s learning curve, students likely have a strong sense of their personal trajectory, but also have ample time to make desired changes that maximize their chances of finding what best fits them in terms of post-high school studies. Holly guides students to look critically at what worked (or didn’t!) as freshmen, and create a strong plan for academic, extra-curricular, and personal balance for the remainder of high school. Expanding possibilities through a careful look at extracurriculars, leadership, and careful schedule and test planning provides students with confidence and a developing sense of autonomy.  Students, parents, and consultant benefit from the extended nature of the Expand package as it provides time for personal connections to be formed that will enhance the individuality of the college search process.


Entering Juniors

Juniors are ideally situated to begin exploring the college decision process through the lens of their own experience by being guided towards the serious decisions that need to be made to make concrete choices about their futures. This empowering process of self-analysis is combined with Holly’s expert guidance to create an exploratory time of self-discovery. Students benefit from the 1:1 support Holly provides as they determine a list of best fit schools and strategically prepare for and participate in the admissions process. This guidance alleviates some pressure from industrious juniors who may procrastinate due to challenging academic and extra-curricular schedules. Holly’s superlative organization skills and firm approach combined with her humor and empathy provide parents the reassurance that their child will be masterfully guided through the college application and admissions process with as little agitation as possible. Holly takes joy in the opportunity to mentor juniors to minimize anxiety and maximize efficiency so that the decisions they make give them a sense of autonomy and pride. The Explore package is the perfect complement to the intensity of junior year, providing balance to create a solid plan for life after high school.


Entering Seniors

Rising seniors can benefit from an energetic, streamlined approach to finding a best-fit school and owning the empowering process of applying on a tight schedule. By starting during the summer before senior year, students learn to work swiftly to research and develop a list of schools, start the application process, and create a compelling personal statement. Rather than cramming to complete applications in the first few months of school, students gain the benefit of being able to spend more of their time focused on balancing academics, friendships, and nourishing personal passions. Holly creates organized time-tables for busy seniors and parents so stress (and procrastination!) is mitigated. With sharp focus, Holly guides seniors and their families through the steps necessary to find the best targeted set of schools and get solid applications in on time, leaving time for students to engage thoughtfully in their last year of high school. The Energize package provides families with the guidance needed to expeditiously sharpen goals and apply to college with confidence.