Kind words from students and parents.

If Holly had a superpower, it would be the awesome ability to connect with people. There are several paths to academic success and each one is appropriate for a different person. When you team up with Holly, you find what’s best for you. Whether it’s assistance with confidence, organization, or time management, sometimes you just need someone in your corner – Holly is that person.

Revati Dhomse

Not only is Holly a great listener, she is able to put herself in the perspective of each individual person and connect intellectually and emotionally with their needs. She’s more than just a mentor, she’s a friend.

Jarryd Alfaro

Holly is a kind and gentle person, but also extremely pragmatic. She recognizes people’s potential, and isn’t afraid to remind them of it when they aren’t achieving as high as they could be, helping provide the motivation and confidence it takes to succeed (and a good kick in the pants when necessary!).

Melanie Kim

Holly is incredibly supportive. She genuinely cares and wants to help others succeed, and even better, she makes you want to succeed as well. Her powers of motivation are only rivaled by her expert planning abilities and her strong systems of organization. More than just a teacher, she is like a very supportive friend.

Brian Miller

I don’t think I would have survived high school (or the first couple years of college) without her. She is my best friend, teacher, and mentor all at the same time, and has taught me some valuable life lessons that far outweigh anything I learned in a classroom.

Sheiva Khalily

Any academic adviser could help students enter their “art,” but only mentors like Holly can also help students find the “art” inside themselves. Igniting and nurturing a student’s desire to succeed is often more important than just providing the tools to do so.

Grant Menon

Holly helped empower me to create my own success, and helped me find and cultivate the things that made me feel passionate about school.

Jeanette Deutsch

Holly was half the reason that I made it out of high school alive. She provides such a positive influence both academically and intellectually while still being a warm, kind, and noticeably caring person.

Michael Goldman